Do you ever dream of writing a book?

Ever dream of getting that book published and seeing it on the shelves of a bookstore? Do you ever wonder what it would take to make that dream a reality?

Even the most seasoned author knows the world of publishing can be as overwhelming as it is complex. But at First Pages: Workshop for Beginning Writers, we will help demystify the publishing landscape. We will shine a light on the best path: from writing your book, to finding your agent, to seeing your book in print.

Join us for one full day where we answer all your questions--nothing is too silly to ask. We will be keeping this conference small--no more than 120 attendees--so that even our most introverted friends will feel welcome.

Our faculty members are all nationally published authors, but each of them started where you are now. Join us for a day of exclusive seminars, smaller classes, and lectures by award-winning authors, specifically geared toward those of you who are at the beginning phase of your journey.

First Pages: Workshop for Beginning Writers

March 30th, 2019*

*Please note: This is a change from the original date scheduled (January 26th). Because of this, we have extended the sales of our Self-Starter tickets to February 1.


University of Utah Guest House

Ticket Options* are as follows:

Self-Starter (Regular Priced tickets) $150 when purchased before February 1

Under the Wire (Last Minute Pricing) $175 when purchased after February 2

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I haven't heard of this writers conference before. Who do you think you are?

That's because this is the first time we're doing this conference. There are a LOT of writing conferences in Utah, particularly for children's writers (WIFYR and Writing for Charity--both are fantastic).

But as writers ourselves, new writers often ask us how they should get started. Besides the obvious answer—just write—we always tell them to go to a writers conference.

But many writers conferences can be either really large and overwhelming, or a big time commitment, or very genre specific. That can be really intimidating for the new writer who may be a tad introverted, or a little unsure about whether or not they even want to make a career out of writing, let alone feel ready to decide what heck they want to write about.

We wanted to create a starting place for writers like you.

So you're saying this is just for people that don't have any idea what they're doing? What about me? I've been writing for a long time. Would this conference be worth it for me?

We will have classes that answer questions for the most novice writers, such as—How to Be a Stellar Self-Editor, The A to Z of Publishing, Do I Really Want an Agent?, etc. But we will also have classes about Voice, Style, Character, the Mushy Middle, and all the things that even the most seasoned authors need refreshers on.

Who will be teaching?

We are delighted to have writers such as Lindsey Leavitt, Julianne Donaldson, Matthew J. Kirby, and we are adding to this list everyday.

Do you offer discounts to teachers or military?

Yes, we do. We offer a 30% discount to teachers (including homeschool teachers), military personnel, and their families. Use the access code EDUCATORS19 or MILITARY19, respectively. You may be asked to show your proof of employment or military ID when you receive your badge at the conference.

Your conference sounds maybe a little expensive. Why is that?

When someone is a published author, that means they have spent hundreds—no, thousands—tens of thousands of hours—honing their craft. We want to pay them for both their time and expertise. And we want to compensate them for the time they could have been spending writing their latest project, or hanging with their families, or just having a fun Saturday.

Also, we don't want the food to be terrible. And food that is not terrible tends to cost a little more than, well, terrible food.

I was just going to ask that. Will there be food at the conference?

Yes! Lunch will be served, as well as water, tea, herbal tea, coffee, nibblies, etc. throughout the day. And Jaime, the conference organizer, is a cookbook author and a former food blogger. She is making it her personal mission to find a great caterer.

Trying to find parking at the University of Utah scares me. Where will I be able to park?

The University Guest House assures us they will have plenty of parking in their lot on the day of the event, and that there will also be parking in another nearby lot. We'll send out details to our attendees the week leading up to the event.

Is there an age requirement for this event?

Nope. People can start writing at any age. If you're ten and already want to be the next Great American Writer, or you're 90 and know it's never too late to start, then this is the place for you.

Anyone not ticketed will not be permitted, with the exception of nursing/teeny tiny infants.